We leverage and build on your internal resources, assets and expertise to guide you through the process of winning funding for your organisation, and work with you to submit successful bids.

“Simpact have been instrumental in helping us build a structured approach to our business development activity, through the implementation of a clear pipeline management process & stakeholder mapping. They have also supported us to move into new markets, by guiding us towards previously unidentified funding streams, which can be accessed through relatively minor amendments to our delivery model. I would highly recommend them.”

Nick Holder, Director of Operations

“Simpact have enabled us to access supply chains and develop our business development opportunities. We are now much clearer about our future plans and how we can access new markets to secure our growth.”

Laurence Higgins, Chief Operating Officer

“Simpact have provided Runway Training with a fantastic service and Janet has helped to secure over £700K in new SFA and ESF contracts, which would not have been possible without her support. Her combined knowledge with Mark has also supported identification of opportunities to grow our business into adjacent markets.”

Oliver Trailor, Managing Director